Thursday, February 16, 2012

Book Review Dump

Wow, I feel like I was holding my breath waiting for the contest to end so I could post all my reviews! So I'm apologizing for the dump, but I just couldn't hold my breath any longer. I read some great books over the course of the contest. Now, I am really needing to start writing again! lol. My editor will have Curse of the Beast book 1 for a while yet and so I am off to write a few more scenes in Book 2!

You might even wonder how many books will be in this series. I really don't know. It keeps surprising me. At first it was only suppose to be 1 book and no more. But the story didn't like that and grow into 2 books, and I am now getting scenes in my head for book 3. So this is going to be a fun ride:-)

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