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After Star (Curse of the Beast #3) due to publish April 2014!  Add to your Goodreads.

The Choice was Made
The Curse was Broken
Yet the Wolf Remains

Tayla’s life changed forever the day she became a werewolf in James’ pack (aka Beast). Now they must flee their Wyoming home to escape the increasing wolf hunts. With James, her alpha and intended mate, she finds refuge in the remote area of Crouch, Idaho.

Settled in to her new home with the man of her dreams by her side, Tayla wonders if she’s finally found some peace, but it doesn’t take long for enemies to find her. They taunt her with secrets from James’ past and revenge stalks the pack at every turn.
When James is wounded with an unknown poison it is up to Tayla and her best friend to solve the mystery of the poison’s origin. Will they be strong enough to handle the truth they discover and defeat their enemies? Or will Tayla’s desperation to heal James kill them all?

Also in production is:

The Chosen (First book in the Land Magic Saga)

Sixteen-year-old Azika knew she would die, but she didn’t think it would come so soon. For thirteen years she has toiled, as a slave at the Kongul Mining Camp, only to find herself sentenced to the terrifying Exploration Tunnels—a place where few survive. Then her life becomes entangled with a mysterious and handsome man. With her greatest adventure just beginning, and mortal enemies in deadly pursuit, Azika flees for her life, determined to discover the truth of her identity—only to find the truth holds more than she bargained for. 

The Chosen is the first of three books in The Land Magic series.  It is an adult/young-adult fantasy novel.

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