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AYWR 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop

Blog Hop:  12 Days of Christmas
Event Date:  December 1st  - 12th 2013

Oatmeal Walnut Cookies

I like to add chocolate chips to mine:-) The recipe can be found here:

Curse of the Beast~ A young adult retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a werewolf twist. Will Seventeen year-old Tayla break the curse? 


 “Ug, why won’t I wake up?” I muttered, feeling my sanity start to slip. “This can’t be happening.”
 “Whether you believe it or not, we’re stuck together, bound by a magical cord.” His voice sounded dismal, as if depressed.
I cocked a disbelieving eyebrow at him and scoffed, “And I believe in fairies. Is this some sort of twisted game? First you drug me, then mess with my head?”
He smiled grimly. “I didn’t drug you and the magical cord is real and unbreakable. Don’t believe if you choose, but that doesn’t change anything. We are still stuck together and now it is time to go.”  
I stared back into his serious eyes, my words stolen from me. He couldn’t be serious, could he? My thoughts swam and the world swirled in my vision. I caught him eyeing me as if waiting for something. Did he think I would faint?
Honestly, I might. I squirmed and rubbed my stomach, trying to erase the horrible image of the pulsating rope buried in my flesh. I checked the skin. There was no visible trace left now.

“My wolf has chosen you, and there is no way around it.” Beast’s voice broke through my thoughts, and my gaze flicked to him. “You must come with me.” 

Win this book and more by entering the Rafflecopter below!!

Grand Prize: $150 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash
First Prize: One (1) eBook from Every Participating Author

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For more Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes & Giveaways - Hop along the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop!

12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop

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Broken Pieces Cover Reveal

Today we share a cover reveal for author Dawn Pendleton's third and final book in her BROKEN series, Broken Pieces.

Also, the second book in the series, Broken Dreams has a new look! Check it out below! Make sure to leave a comment with your thoughts on the new covers.

It’s been a rough year for Gabby Peterman. Her best friend’s dad died six months ago, her other best friend has leukemia and isn’t doing well, and her marriage? After three years, it’s more of a joke than a relationships. Despite all the odds, she’s managed to stay strong for the people around her, supporting them through all their trials. But when death strikes again and one of her closest friends disappears, Gabby loses it.

On the verge of a mental breakdown himself, Wolfe Landon will do anything to win Gabby over. But first, he’s going to prove to her just how much he cares and loves her, because losing her will rip out his heart and soul.

Release Date: December 24, 2013

Broken Dreams has a NEW cover!

Rainey Daniels has been keeping a secret since she left her hometown, three years ago. The death of a friend’s father, though, has her questioning whether or not running away from her past is what’s best for her future. Add sexy Chris Baker in the mix and she’s even more unsure. After all, life is short.

Baker is an all-around good guy with a great sense of humor struggling to keep his new bar afloat. And he always thought Rainey was hot, even when she carried a few extra pounds in high school. Hell, he thinks she’s too skinny now. He knows she’s hiding something, too, but when he pushes the issue, she pushes him away. He tries not to care; she only wants a summer fling, right? But when her life is threatened, he realizes he may just be in love with her… and then he learns her secret.

Can they find love together before it’s too late?

Currently on sale for $.99!

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Psycho Inside Me by Bonnie R. Paulson

Bonnie R. Paulson's Psycho Inside Me releases November 30, 2013. This YA thriller romance is fast, fun, and more than a little dangerous. See why...

Psycho Inside Me
I killed my first victim at thirteen years old – my age, not his. He was going to rape me, him and a couple of his friends. And so, I killed him. And then… I killed again. And again.
At seventeen, I’m killing four to six times a year – maybe more. Don’t stress out. I only go after the pedophiles and rapists. There are more out there than I could cover in a lifetime.
Saying I did this on my own would be selfish. Enforcing justice holds a glory all its own.  But now, my lifelong friend and backup, Deegan, has been arrested. I have to decide if I want to give myself up and take his place or leave him with all the damning evidence. I don’t want to stop killing. But if I let him take the fall, I can’t kill anymore. And I need to keep doing that.
But the worst part of it all? I love him.

My cover was created by the ultra talented Redbird Designs. She's amazing...

Bonnie R. Paulson likes it dark and twisty. For more on her Science flavored with Romaction, sign up for her newsletter.

Find Bonnie at:

Monday, October 21, 2013

Cover Reveal!!! Change of Possession by M.R. Polish

I am so excited to show you this cover! Change of Possession is the first New Adult, Romantic Suspense M.R. Polish has written. Early readers have come back saying it is a "Page Turner" and 
"A Book I can't Put Down!" 

Change of Possession
Twenty-year-old Keeley- Moison moves across the country for one reason: to escape the traumas of her past and start over at a new college. What she doesn’t expect is to be thrust into a dangerous future - one where the quarterback of the football team has set his sinister sights on her.

Loner Vahn Silver is an outcast and likes it that way. Living in the shadows, Vahn forces himself into the light to protect Keeley from the man who killed his best friend - even if that means risking his own life. 
But Keeley soon learns that the football team rules the school and everyone in it. When Vahn ends up in the hospital after a vicious attack and her quarterback stalker edges closer to his prey, Keeley must find the strength within herself to fight - and take back the change of possession.

So, without further ado.....the cover!

Cover Artist: Jenny Laatsch

Add to your Goodreads TBR list now! 

Change of Possession will be released November 3rd, 2013


I slipped back into the shadows. If they knew I watched them, I wouldn’t be allowed to come back and then all my plans would be for nothing. Downing the rest of my drink, I crushed the cup in my hand before tossing it over my shoulder as I headed out. There wasn’t anything else I’d find out tonight; they were all too sloshed or tight lipped to do me any good. Damn parties anyway; I hated them, but it was the only way to scout out all the players and hopefully discover what I knew, deep down, happened to my best friend. Their secrets were the only thing that could crush them and bring justice to Christie’s death.

               Thinking back to how she spent her last year of life infuriated me. As seniors in high school we were supposed to have fun, live life, plan for our future, but all of those plans changed when she met Steve. Slowly, day by day, he fed her a world of lies and deception until there was no turning back. Now, a year later, I was still trying to prove her death wasn’t an accident, and that Steve was to blame. I owed it to her. Before all the lies and all the drugs, she was my closest friend. There was a time I even thought we might be more, but that wasn’t in her plans; she wanted someone different, someone who wasn’t me. I’d like to think the drugs made her stay with Steve, but the more I learned about him, the more I knew drugs weren’t the only thing that kept her from me.
               I fished around in my pocket for my keys . The room spun, and I had to close my eyes to stay standing. My heart raced. What was wrong? I took another step but lost all balance and stumbled out the door. 
               I pulled my phone out, squinting as I tried to focus enough to dial out. I held it to my ear and waited. “Dad,” I said when he answered. “Something’s wrong. I need a ride.” My voice sounded miles away and fuzzy. Silently, I prayed he would understand as I rattled off what I hoped was the correct address. I couldn’t even remember what house I was at anymore. He said he’d be there soon so I hung up the phone and  sat down in the yard to wait. 
              My parents were like everyone else and thought I was just in denial over Christie’s death, and that I wanted someone to blame. Damn right I wanted someone to blame. 
Ugh, my head hurt so bad that all I wanted to do was lay down. The grass was cool and begged to be used for a pillow. It took only seconds before the world darkened, and life as I knew it changed. 

About the Author

M.R. Polish was born in Idaho, a long, long, long, maybe not that long time ago.... Writing has always been there for her. Growing up, her mind was filled with stories, some she shared and others she filed away to write down later in life. It wasn't until 2011 that she decided to publish her stories for everyone to enjoy. Her first award and when writing became more than just an idea was in the 5th grade. She won the scary story contest for the school newspaper. It is one story she still has tucked away for memories. Her teacher told her she could be anything she wanted and that she had a talant for writing, being creative and drawing people into her stories. M.R. took that to heart and continued to write, although mostly in secret until recent years. 
Now you can find her enjoying life with her family - wrangling her four kids, setting traps in the house with toys for unsuspecting victims (aka, her husband) and writing down all her crazy and fun stories. 
"Life is too short to stand by and watch everyone else live your dreams. The bigger the dream, the bigger the adventure!" ~ M.R. Polish

Other books by M.R. Polish (click on them to learn more about them)

You can find M.R. Polish here:
Twitter: @_MRPolish_
Facebook: M.R. Polish

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Spooky Spectacular .99cent SALE


The Spooky Spectacular Event will kick off Friday and run through midnight Sunday (Oct 18-20). Featuring 60+ of today's hottest authors, $1,000 in prizes and tons of awesome giveaways (Kindle Fires anyone? Coach wristlets?), the event is going to be a blast!

And most importantly, readers will be able to fill up their Kindles with incredible ebooks, all priced at .99! Check out all the gorgeous books at the event's webpage. Just click here!

RSVP at the event's FB page to be automatically entered into the drawing for one of three Kindle Fires! Click here to visit the event page. Instructions for earning extra entries for the drawing will be on the event page! Additional links to Rafflecopter entries for other giveaways will also be available on the event page as well. A special thank you goes out to Lisa Markson, Leanne Jacobson, Stephanie Shaw and Emily Rae for all their help with the event. You all rock! Spooky Spectacular sponsored by ...
Lizzy Ford (Website, Facebook page, Twitter)
Julia Crane (Website, Facebook page, Twitter)

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Free! Curse of the Beast is Free on Amazon!

I am so excited!
Curse of the Beast is Free on Amazon, October 18-20!
Don't miss your chance to grab this young adult paranormal romance
retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a werewolf twist.

A dark shadow stalks the night, watching her—waiting to claim what is his.
Seventeen-year-old Tayla Jonas longs for a simple life, but an ancient curse forces a werewolf to hunt her, to claim what is his. Will Tayla be strong enough to survive the Curse of the Beast? Or will it consume her like so many before? Find out in the first installment of this unique retelling of Beauty and the Beast. **2012 Whitney Award Nominee**
Curse of the Beast (bk 1) 
Star Cursed (bk2) 
After Star (bk3) Coming April 2014
About the Author
In addition to being a mother and wife, I teach at a charter school and enjoy scuba diving. I love to be adventurous and try new and exciting things. Some of the things I have done are sky diving, glacier hiking, cave spelunking, and kayaking on the ocean. I want to experience the world but will never be able to see it all so I write. It is like the world is at my figure tips when I open a word document and delve into another story.  Oh, the places you'll go as Dr. Seuss says.
Books that are like mine: Beastly by Flinn, Alex;  Scarlette by Davonna Juroe; Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock, Dragon Rose by Christine Pope, Scarlet Moon (Once upon a Time) by Debbie ViguiĆ©
Click your way into a great read and let the curse claim you!

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Christie Rich Cover Reveal and Giveaway!

I'm excited to bring you the cover re-reveal for author Christie Rich and her Young Adult series, Elemental Enmity!  These books are all released and available for sale, so be sure to pick up a copy today, especially since Five, the first book, is available for FREE!

Goodreads | Amazon | B&N | Smashwords | Excerpt

About the Elemental Enmity Series:
Rayla Tate is an ordinary girl who wants a bit of freedom from her controlling aunt. When she leaves her hometown, the one place that could have protected her from the fae, to pursue her dreams in the art world, she discovers a new life full of adventure, just not what she expected.

When the world of the fae comes chasing after her, Rayla must learn what her role is in the age old battle for dominance between human and fae. The two worlds collide, bringing her step by step closer to her true destiny and the foe of a lifetime.

True evil rests in the shadows and will do anything to steal Rayla’s power. She must fight for her freedom and those she loves, both fae and human. Will Rayla overcome the odds and free a people enslaved by darkness, or will she find her world plunged into an unimaginable abyss of destruction?

Elemental Enmity is a story about free will, power, love, lust, overcoming inner and outer demons, and the ultimate battle of good versus evil that exists inside each of us. True power comes from within, a lesson, like all of us, Rayla must learn.

Join Rayla on a journey of a lifetime and discover what it means to be truly in love. Five, Elemental Enmity, Book One is FREE on all major e-retailers. I hope you’ll pick up a copy and enjoy a read on me!

About the author:

I grew up daydreaming about fairytales, and my love for discovering new worlds has never died. I am not one of those writers who always knew I would write. I thought that was what other people did until one day, a few years ago, I took a challenge from a friend and typed my first words. My journey has been wonderful, and I cannot imagine a day where I would ever give up writing. My love for reading is what fueled my imagination in the first place and still does. When I am not writing or reading, I enjoy family time with my husband and two children. My family and I live in a quiet community in Northern Utah, and I am so thankful for the rich life I have been blessed with.
 Find the author: 


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What's your superhero identity? Supernova by Elizabeth Sharp

Today, as part of the release of Supernova by Elizabeth Sharp, I've been asked to share my superhero alter ego. Now, normally that's the kind of thing one should keep under lock and key, but since Elizabeth asked so nicely, I've decided to share my secret identity.

I'm Whirpool.

My power--control of water and morph into water. I'm both a creator of storms and gentle streams.You may see me in my human form or not see me at all as I become part of the sea.

Favorite Activities-Swimming in the Sea, sliding down waterfalls, and taking a steamy bath in the Ring of Fire.

Now, on to some super cool heroes in this fabulous book:


On Cleo’s first day at St. Aloysius Gonzaga Academy, things get pretty weird pretty fast. After being confronted by a strangely hostile boy, she meets two girls and instantly bonds with them. Before long danger threatens the entire student body, in the form of a soul eating possessor fae. When her brother is savagely beaten and left in a coma, the girls decide to use their fae powers to become superheroes and stop the possessions.

They quickly learn things are a lot more complicated than they had ever imagined. A government plot that had begun when they were infants endangers them all, and a demented former soldier bent on revenge is after them. The line between friend and foe has become so blurry, Cleo has no idea who she can trust. Will their superhero plot help them save the day, or just get them killed?

Buy Links
Paperback   Amazon   B&N   Smashwords   

About the Author:

Elizabeth has a near crippling Facebook addiction, dwarfed only by her need for Dr. Pepper. A self-proclaimed techno geek, she loves cell phones, computers, tablets and all things technological. The internet has to be the greatest invention since the wheel, in her opinion. She lives in a quiet subdivision with her husband, one-year-old son, three cats, and far too many electronics. It’s quite possible she has some raccoon in her DNA, because she loves glitter and anything that sparkles. She enjoys making jewelry and costumes. Halloween is her favorite holiday since it’s the one day of the year that you can be whatever you want. But her first love will always be writing. Otherwise, hearing voices in her head would make her feel schizophrenic.

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LDS Authors Giveaway Hop Oct 8th to 15th

Welcome to my blog and to this great giveaway event! Thanks to our hosts I am a Reader, Not a Writer and ANWA!


I am giving away TWO paperback books to one lucky winner in the USA. If you are international and win, I will send them to you as E-books and choose another winner for the paperbacks.

First book is my own young adult paranormal romance and retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a werewolf twist. Curse of the Beast takes place in modern-day Cody, Wyoming.

A werewolf with southern charm and a wicked bite? Welcome to Curse of the Beast.

Seventeen-year-old Tayla Jonas longs for a simple life, but an ancient curse forces a werewolf to hunt her, to claim what is his. Will Tayla be strong enough to survive the Curse of the Beast? Or will it consume her like so many before? Find out in the first installment of this unique retelling of Beauty and the Beast. **2012 Whitney Award Nominee**

Second book is by the talented M.R. Polish and is a young adult paranormal romance with witches and vampires and really cool magic.

 With a death starts a new beginning...

Eighteen-year-old Esmerelda thinks she’s just a normal girl, but all of that changes the day of her mom’s funeral, when a warlock, intent on using her special powers, kidnaps her. Powers she didn’t know existed. Thrown in the middle of a magical battle, Es struggles to learn her magic while fleeing both vampires and warlocks, at the same time, hunting for the witches that can help defeat her adversary. The only problem is that they are dead.

Thankfully, she has the help of Jarak—her Guardian—who quickly captures her heart, but she wonders if she can win his? Just when she thinks Jarak is the one for her, Ian appears with daggers drawn to save Es from a vampire attack. Ian is cocky and rude, but there is something magnetic about him—something that attracts her to him. With her heart torn between two men, she faces the foes that are out for her blood.***2013 UtopYa Award Nominee for Best Debut Novel***
***2013 UtopYa Award Nominee for Breakout Author of the Year***

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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After Star Sneak Peek #IndieCredible2013 #AfterStar #Curseofthebeast

I am so excite that today Shelves of Books has featured me on her blog!! She has a wonderful drawing going on over there to become a character in my book and a member of Beast's wolf pack so don't miss it! The link is posted under giveaways on her site.

Here is your sneak peek at After Star's Prologue!! (It may change a tiny bit once my editor gets it:-) Enjoy!!! Add TBR list on goodreads:



I stepped through the now empty house. My shoes clapped on the bare floor where a beautiful Persian rug once lay. The sound echoed as if pronouncing someone dead, like the hollow of a tomb. My gaze hovered over the spot where the grand piano once stood. A ghost-like memory of a haunting melody vibrated in my ears. My chest tightened, but I refused to shed tears over the memories. I stepped towards the stairs made from polished driftwood. My hand outstretched, until my fingertips curled around the dimpled wood of the hand rail. I knew these stairs well, but everything was different—empty. The knot in my throat tightened. This would be the last time I’d climb these stairs in this lodge where my life was changed forever.

The thump of my shoes was deafening to my wolf enhanced ears. I was no longer the girl that climbed these same stairs last April. I wasn’t even human any more. The curse had snagged me with a barbed hook, and I was lucky I had even survived the change. My foot thumped against the next stair, and my mind wondered back to that night in the meadow where I had made my Choice and the eight werewolves that had died because if it. That was eight that we knew of. How many more died in other packs because of me? Because of the Choice I made?

I crested the stairs and pushed my squeaky bedroom door open. Moonlight trickled in through the drapeless windows, forming square patterns on the floor. I walked into the light as if it was the comforting blanket I craved. The silver shafts melted on my skin like a lover’s embrace. I still didn’t understand the reason why werewolves felt so connected to the moon, but it was like we were a part of it somehow and it a part of us. I had my theories. The simplest was that the moon was a celestial body just like Star and the power she had used to curse man to werewolf form. But we still knew so little about all the changes Star instigated in us.

I sighed and leaned my forehead against the cool glass window. The meadow plants were yellow, dry from the heat wave that consumed all of the month of June and was continuing into July. Gone were the luscious green plants of May. The month the curse had been broken and I was forever turned werewolf.

Yet, I loved this place. My eyes roamed over the meadow where I had first meet my mom in wolf form, where Beast had cut and infected my finger with wolf venom, where I wrestled Beast and ended up a muddy mess, and if I could see through walls, I would turn to look at the mountain Beast and I had climbed to stargaze. I rubbed my hand over my aching heart. This lodge had once been a symbol of my bondage to the curse, but now it was my home—a home I had to leave. Sadness swelled in me. I loved these mountains, running in wolf form through the tress. I was leaving so much behind. It just wasn’t fair.

I tried to be understanding, to see the good in this move, but honestly I was angry. Even with Kyle miles away in a mental institution, his influence still affected my life. His parents refused to let the wolf attack go, even if it had been Kyle’s stupid fault in the first place. They kept pressuring the authorities to hunt down the wolf pack and execute them for their crime. I snorted and my fists clutched at my side. As if any of this was our fault!

Arms circled around my waist from behind, and I stiffened. My shock lasted only a moment. I knew those strong arms and the woodland scent that clung to them.

“Beast,” I sighed. His real name was Jameson, or James for short, but in private I still called him Beast. My body melded to his in complete surrender. His arms tightened to take my weight and his warm breath caressed my ear.

“Tayla, you are letting your emotions blind your senses,” he said, concern evident in this voice.

“You don’t know that.” I couldn’t help but defend myself. I didn’t want him to think I was weak. “I just let you think you surprised me.”

The reflection in the glass told me he was amused. “Love, you can’t lie to a wolf. Your body betrayed the truth.”

I scowled. “The truth is overrated.”

 “Perhaps, but I appreciated the opportunity nonetheless. It isn’t very often I can sneak up on you.” His lips skimmed my neck before nibbling on my ear, heating my skin. Need rose up in me, need for him to take the pain and frustration away. I clung to the man that held my heart captive. I turned ever so slightly, tilting my head back just enough to look into his caramel eyes. My hand brushed over his lips like a feathers touch, asking. A deep rumble resonated from his chest, and his lips found mine. They moved with a hunger that I matched. My hands tangled in his dark brown locks. My wolf sang through my blood with a fever to take more, a sign I needed to stop.

With great effort, I loosened my grip on James and took a heart wrenching step back. He let me retreat with a frustrated sigh. He respected mine and my mothers’ wishes for me to be eighteen and married before we went any further, but it wasn’t easy upholding my promise when I yearned for him like he was the missing piece to my soul. He was the one constant in my ever- changing life, and without him, I’d surely shrivel up and die.

I couldn’t look up at him, knowing I’d see his eyes streaked with the most breathtaking ethereal silver. It glowed with a light of its own, as if his Alpha powers enhanced the color. I could hear his breathing calm, along with my own. I turned to look out the window again, resisting the urge to peek at his alluring eyes. 

“I am really going to miss this place.” I folded my arms around my torso, trying to keep myself together.

James stepped toward me and stroked my arms. “Tayla, we can come back. I’ll never sell this house. There’s just too much heat from the law right now. If we had stayed it would’ve only been a matter of time before they snag one of us. And the pack is tired of all the restricted runs.”

“I know.” I laced my fingers through his and rested them on my bicep. “But it doesn’t make it easier.”

“Give it time. It’ll grow on you. Idaho has loads of open land to run unnoticed.” He placed a kiss atop my head. “It’s a perfect place to start our lives together. I’ll even let you have a say in the house design.”

“You might regret that promise,” I teased, my lips curving into a small smile.

Hope you enjoyed it! Follow other authors this month on Twitter #IndieCredible2013 or at Facebook

Monday, September 2, 2013

KDP Select for Curse of the Beast

I am try out KDP Select for Curse of the Beast. This means that for the next 90 days it will not be available to all my wonderful Nook Fans. Please don't hate me! I will get it up again in December:-)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

After Star Progress

I want to tell you how excited I am about the progress I am making with After Star: book three in the Curse of the Beast Series! I am 20,000 words into it and going strong. This book is going to have more werewolf intrigue and more of James (aka Beast) and Tayla.

Of course, I have some fun surprises for you all. So I am going to get off here and get back to writing. Tentatively, I am going to set the publication date for Spring 2014. I really think and hope I can get it out way before then, but working at the charter school starts up here in two weeks. Hence, my manic attempt to write as much as possible in the next two weeks!

Have a great night!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mark of the Dragon is out now!!!

I am reading this book right now, and so far I love the scene where the dragon gets a bath!!! Ha ha, so good! Don't miss grabbing your copy of this wonderful Fantasy novel!

Mark of the Dragon
Bill Morgan and M.R. Polish

In a land of warriors and dragons, 
everything is going to change...

Countries are divided and war is raging, but none of that matters to Andra. She knows deep down that she is destined to be a dragon rider. There has never been a woman rider, but that doesn’t matter to Andra either. After her father's death, she trains harder than any man to be a worthy candidate. Even when the Aquastrian leader wants her dead, she fights back. Can she overcome traveling hundreds of miles on foot, surviving hunger, bandits, assassins and wild carnivores?

Liam is just another warrior who hopes he is worthy of the Mark of the Dragon. He must endure the long trek from Aquastra to Santerrian and avoid all people and especially those who may be hired to kill him. Meeting Andra along the way changes everything. He fights to help her and kills to protect her, but will it be enough to get them both to their dragons before it's too late?

Mysts of Santerrian World Map

Mark of the Dragon is available now on:

About the Authors:
M.R. Polish was born in Idaho, a long, long, long, maybe not that long time ago.... Writing has always been there for her. Growing up, her mind was filled with stories, some she shared and others she filed away to write down later in life. It wasn't until 2011 that she decided to publish her stories for everyone to enjoy. Her first award and when writing became more than just an idea was in the 5th grade. She won the scary story contest for the school newspaper. It is one story she still has tucked away for memories. Her teacher told her she could be anything she wanted and that she had a talant for writing, being creative and drawing people into her stories. M.R. took that to heart and continued to write, although mostly in secret until recent years. 
Now you can find her enjoying life with her family - wrangling her four kids, setting traps in the house with toys for unsuspecting victims (aka, her husband) and writing down all her crazy and fun stories. 

"Life is too short to stand by and watch everyone else live your dreams. The bigger the dream, the bigger the adventure!" ~ M.R. Polish

You can find M.R. here:

Bill Morgan is M.R.’s dad, and if she was born that long ago, You all

should shudder at how long ago he was born. He has always been
creative. As an amateur artist and an avid woodworker, he always
could see the hidden beauty in a blank piece of paper or a piece of
wood. He joined the U.S. Coast Guard in 1986 and spent twenty years
saving lives and serving his country. He always
had stories running
around in his head, but he never tried to put them onto paper until
M.R. convinced him to do this book with her. Now he is actively
writing two additional sci-fi/fantasy novels. Hopefully she hasn’t
created a monster. Bill’s favorite thing is his family. He has a
wonderful wife, two adult daughters, four sisters, and more
wonderful nieces and nephews than you can believe. His last count
was over one hundred and he loves them all. One of his favorite
quotes comes from a movie, but it applies to writing a fictional novel
as well:
“Don’t know where we’re going, but there’s no sense in being late.”

You can find Bill here:

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Authors Blog Hop July 3-July 10th

Come and enter to win fun prizes on several blogs. It is a fun way to get to know authors and win some fun stuff.
I am Ashley Lavering. I write young adult books. My Curse of the Beast Series is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a werewolf twist in today's time.
I have been writing for six years.
I love to kayak and scuba dive.
Whenever possible, I steal my best friend's camera and snap pictures. We just went to the Tennessee Aquarium. Trying to take pictures of moving fish in low light without flash was a challenge, but I got some:-) 
Isn't he cute. LOL! Ok so on to the giveaway:-)
LadyAmbers Reviews a Rafflecopter giveaway