Monday, March 17, 2014

Life Happens:-(

Unfortunate that statement “Life Happens” really does sum it all up. As much as I have struggled to get After Star out to you, my wonderful fans, I find that life happens to throws me too much at once. Right now is one of those times. Between my work as a teacher, tutoring, and caring for my family, I can’t keep staying up late into the night to write.

So with a heavy heart, I have to push back After Star’s release date.

 ***boo*** I am saying it, too.

I want to give you all a well written book and don’t want to get so burned out and rushed that I am just slapping the last edits on. So the new dates are:

After Star Cover Reveal:   May 24

Release of After Star:  July 19

If I have made anyone seriously depressed (like me) please post a comment with your contact info or contact me on my other social medias with your address and I’ll send you something cursed and beastly to put a smile on your face.