Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hunted by D.J. DeSmyter



Seventeen-year-old Lily Atwater has always kept to herself, living a lonely life with her workaholic dad. Not the most thrilling life, but it’s quiet and ordinary, two things she’s come to expect from living in Victor Hills, Michigan.
When kind and mysterious Alex takes refuge in her home, she is suddenly thrown into his world of werewolves, a world he wants to keep her safe from. But while the two of them grow closer, a relentless hunter continues his search, stalking the woods with hopes of catching the wolf that got away

My Thoughts: 

The first two chapters really threw me (they are short chapters, though:-). It took me until the third chapter until I could finally ground myself in the story. It is a very clean and sweet romance. I enjoyed the wolf lore. I did wish that the characters could've grown more by the end of the novel. And I would've loved to see more plot tension and mishap going on (I did skim quite a bit due to it..sorry). D.J. did a wonderful job having tension and sweetness between the love couple. I liked how he wove his knowledge about music into the story. Keep Writing D.J., looking forward to more books by you:-)

Note: Very mild PG-13, and only because of a little blood. Three stars.

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