Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Halfway Mark!

Halfway mark on editing my novel!!! I just finished re-writing a scene! I like it so much better now! Wahoo! I really want to get the e-book part of the publication done by April...I hope that comment didn't just make my editor kill over. lol. The paperback may take longer to put together, but if it does, I will get it out quickly on the e-book’s heels! I am so excite.
            When I started writing Curse of the Beast, I set it in the year 2012. So April 1st, (I know April fool’s day) is the start of some very exciting stuff in my book, and I so want to do some fun blogging stuff with it! Like drawings and free stuff for two months, going day to day with the book! *Grin*
            And on that note, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!

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