Monday, July 7, 2014

After Star On Sale Now!

After Star is on Sale for $2.99! Catch it before is goes up to $3.99.

 ***Excerpt from Tayla's POV with James/Beast***

His lips skimmed my neck before nibbling on my ear, heating my skin. Need rose up in me, longing for him to take the pain and frustration away. I clung to the man who held my heart captive. Turning slightly, I tilted my head back just enough to look into his caramel eyes. My fingertips brushed over his lips, asking. A deep rumble resonated from his chest, and his lips found mine. They moved with a hunger that I matched. My hands tangled in his dark brown locks. My wolf sang through my blood with a fever to go further, a sign I needed to stop.

Continue their love story and grab your copy today! A clean YA Paranormal Romance.

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