Sunday, March 10, 2013

Enter to Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card

Hello Everyone,

I would love to increase my Amazon reviews for both of my books (Curse of the Beast and Star Cursed). So how about a chance at a $25 Amazon Gift Card

All you have to do is invite your friends to come to Star Cursed blog tour event and have them say you sent them (Your name will be entered in the drawing for each person that does this). But that isn’t all, if you leave a review on Amazon or B&N for Star Cursed, post the link as a comment to this post and I’ll put your name in 15 times! The same goes for Curse of the Beast. This giveaway will continue until the last day of the Blog Tour, April 20. So help me spread the word and write reviews.

Right now I have 21 reviews for Curse of the Beast and only 5 for Star Cursed. Your help is forever appreciated! Thanks for supporting me, and I hope you win!


  1. I posted a link to the event on my FB @

    I hope it will help. The book looks very nice. I like the cover and the title.


  3. Ishared on facebook!/sandyjerihowe/posts/565234126834003

  4. star cursed-

    Curse of the Beast


    My review of Star Cursed is now up at Amazon.:)

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  7. My review for Curse of the Beast

    My review for Star Cursed