Saturday, May 19, 2012

Witch Song by Amber Argyle

Witch Song

by (Goodreads Author)
The world is changing.

Once, Witch Song controlled everything from the winds to the shifting of the seasons, but not anymore. All the Witches are gone, taken captive by a traitor.

All but Brusenna.

Now the traitor is coming for Brusenna, and even her guardian can't protect her. Somehow, Brusenna has to succeed where every other Witch has failed. Find the traitor. Fight her. Defeat her.

If Brusenna fails, there won't be anything left to save.

Look for the sequel, Witch Born, coming May 2012.

My Thoughts:

First off, the cover is amazing. Second, I loved Joshen. He was sweet and very loyal. Brusenna had to grow over the course of the book and into her witch powers. I loved the world Amber Argyle created. It was very fun with lots of magic! It was also very well-written with cool descriptions and witty dialogue. Sometimes I felt like Brusenna didn’t have to wait long before she bumped into help. I don’t want that so sound bad. It was just uncanny at times. I really enjoyed this book and loved the romance. Very action packed fantasy novel.

Note: PG-13, Very clean. Four Stars

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