Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just wrote a short biography about me:-)

A nomad at heart, I currently claim Wyoming as my home.  I have a wonderful husband and two young children that put up with my “writing time.”  When I’m not pondering on a spell that will magically calm the ferocious winds that plague the air around me, you can find me, with notepad in hand, frantically jotting down ideas in those short moments between caring for my girls. 
Art and science have always been my yin and yang.  Throughout my college career, I shifted between the two, but in the end I graduated with a Bachelors of Mathematics and Science from the University of Wyoming. 
Charging into adventures and discovering something new has always been a passion of mine, but as a teenager I use to run screaming from a reading or writing assignment.  Looking back, the irony isn’t lost on me.  Now you can’t catch me without a book in hand or without an open word document.  Every time a new idea pops into my mind my heart races and my hand twitch to write it.  In that moment, I have my writer's high and pray it will sustain me through thousands of hours of revision. 


  1. That was great. You touched on some of the things I think and feel. I always have a note pad with me. I get creative thoughts when I least expect them. I love it. :)